The Beginnings of a Plan…Part II

So, looking at the photo-chopped ’53 from my last post, we can see I have a lot of decisions need to be made. All decisions at this point are only guidelines, but are extremely important because once we cut the car we cant “Undo” anything very easily (like we can with Photoshop). Cut #1: Front […]

The Beginnings of a Plan.

Coming up with a game plan, it’s a big deal. What to cut? How much, and where? This is the step where a lot of reference photos really pays off. In the old days they would take photos and print them on this stuff called “paper” and then cut them out with “scissors”. They would […]

A Little Reference

Everyone needs a point of reference, starting down a path as long as a full restoration and customization is tough enough without a plan, but if your only reference of the vehicle you are working with is “a heap of rust particles holding hands” such as this one; you need to know what a decent […]

A long way to go… the “Before” shot

I have attempted this before. Twice. I have yet to get myself in a groove with a blog, so a clean slate re-design is in order. The plan is to chronicle my build on a 1953 Pontiac Chieftain as well as other fabrication or design projects I have completed in the past. I’ll try to […]