For the B -Pillars we are continuing the process of strengthening and blending the area where we have removed material. The B-Pillar is tough because it is very easy to visually gauge if it is “off” or “crooked”. The process is simple enough, if care is taken and the steps are not rushed. If you […]

A-Pillars of Society

Now that I have my A-Pillar and upper door opening sufficiently strengthened with a “slug” inside of the metal cavity, we have to make these monstrosities look good cosmetically. As you can see in the first picture, there are a lot of body lines in the A-Pillar and none of them lined up when the […]

Hammer Time – Hammer Welding the Roof Seam on a Chop Top Pontiac Chieftian

With the roof filler piece tacked into place I have two main goals: 1) make the roof structure secure and safe and 2) make the seam as “seamless” as possible. First: Safety. Welding a roof back onto a car after cutting it off is a sketchy proposition; the last thing you want to happen is […]

A Little Morning Stretch

Now that we have determined the roof needs to be split laterally in order to align the b-pillars we have to get as many of the moving pieces locked into place as possible. I like to start from the front and go rearward. First, the A-pillars on the roof seem to be about 1” too […]

Something Just Doesn’t Line Up…

To this point the basic “chop” has been done, we are happy with the section which has been removed from the pillars and the resulting profile is where I want it. The next step is beginning to line everything up. At this point don’t be surprised if 80% of your helpers from the “chop” day […]

Start your motors

Now by “motors”, I of course mean your saw’s motor. It’s time to cut some metal. The order of cuts doesn’t really matter, usually you want your most important cuts to be made first while everything is nice and solid. After you cut a pillar or two, stuff starts to get a little loose and […]

Measure Twice Cut Once

How to Chop the Top on a Custom 50’s Pontiac Now that everything is securely tacked in place with full bracing above and below your cut areas, it is time to choose exactly what you will cut and where. Based on my drawing, the plan is to cut 4″ from the A-pillars and 6″ +/- […]

Bracing for Liftoff – Bracing the Body to Chop the Top

How to Chop the Top on a Custom 50’s Pontiac The first day of any major chop, channel or section project will surely see the largest turnout of “help”. Everyone you know will want to comer and be a part of something that could go one of two ways. First, they could say “I helped […]

Resume : Floating Fender Deuce

Sibley’s 1932 Ford: This car was built while I was a lead fabricator working at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff in Escondido Ca. The Vehicle is a 1932 Ford based on a Dearborn Deuce Body with a built Chevrolet LS2 and 4l60e trans. Along with the HRCS team, I worked on this vehicle for more […]

Influences: Jimmy Shine Bare Metal Ford Pickup

Now, I know what you’re thinking; so don’t even say it. The “R-Word”, this isn’t one and never will be. I’m talking about the word “Rat Rod” (yeah yeah – 2 words). Those rusted out, dangerous, cobbled, tetanus-shot-requiring machines which everybody’s neighbor was building in their garage ca 2006. This is the car that started […]