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I was a kid who always had a pencil in my hand, Art was my favorite class from a young age, primarily because there was very little “right” or “wrong”. After quite a few years scribbling and drawing by hand I took up web design and computer graphics at the age of 14 by necessity, I had to build a web page for my parents business and I told my mom “I know how to do that”. Quite a few hours of trial-and-error later I had my first web-page and was off to the races.

I was accepted to Miami university in 1997 as an Architecture student and quickly switched to Art and design, a major which I thought offered me more flexibility and creativity. Although I learned quite a bit as an art student I am almost entirely self taught in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and HTML programming. Eventually I switched my educational focus again, this time to Business Marketing which to me still seems like the business of creativity. After graduating from Miami University in Oxford Ohio in 2001 I took a job with a company in Hawaii where I was their graphic designer, web designer and marketing contact. Since 2001 I have been the primary designer for a several corporations, as well as for a few business ventures of my own, while still taking on freelance work as time permitted.

Design Capabilities:
Logo Creation
Web Design
Advertising Design for both print and digital media
Photo Editing
Vehicle renderings
2D Cad Design

please feel free to contact me with questions or to see a full portfolio