Awesome Builds: George Poteet’s Barracuda “Blowfish” Built by Troy Trepanier

  Rad Rides by Troy, the Manteno, IL based builder whose simple clean designs and immaculate build execution have earned his team countless, well deserved, awards. Rad Rides builds like “Chicayne”, “Sniper” and “Quadraduce” served as inspiration for much of the industry, including myself. Troy managed to pack cutting edge technology, cool gadgets and power […]

Favorite Builds: Kirk Hammett’s ’36 Ford Built by Cole Foster of Salinas Boys

  A 1936 Ford is one of those classic rides which can be very successfully built in a variety of styles. Normally these are “hot rodded,” meaning they lose the fenders and skirts and the hood, before it gets a big engine, a manual transmission and stout rear end to propel it down the strip […]

Influences: “Loaded” 1929 Roadster Pickup by Pinkees

1929 Ford Roadster Pickup – “Loaded” by Pinkees To me, this car epitomizes the look and feel of how a modern “Hot Rod” Should be, built in the modern times with modern tools and materials just like a shiny street rod. In many ways there is too much detail to even appreciate all of the […]

Influences : “Mantraga” Merc by Sam Barris

Now, just because the title says “Barris” in it, does not give anyone the right to mention the “Monkey Mobile”, “The Munster Mobile” “Knight Rider” or the “General Lee”. All of those vehicles were built in the Hollywood heyday of George Barris, who built his reputation from the customizing his older brother Sam Barris pulled […]

Influences: Jimmy Shine Bare Metal Ford Pickup

Now, I know what you’re thinking; so don’t even say it. The “R-Word”, this isn’t one and never will be. I’m talking about the word “Rat Rod” (yeah yeah – 2 words). Those rusted out, dangerous, cobbled, tetanus-shot-requiring machines which everybody’s neighbor was building in their garage ca 2006. This is the car that started […]

Influences: Cadzzilla

CADZZILLA – It was built for Billy F. Gibbons by Boyd Coddington in 1990, you will rarely see me get excited about too many of Boyd’s cars, but this one is a different animal altogether. A 1949 Cadillac, designed by Larry Ericson, this car was way ahead of it’s time when it was conceived in […]