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Dayton Hot Rod Fabricator – Custom Aluminum Fender Fabrication

I was recently asked to build a set of free-floating fenders for an extremely unique vehicle. The request was for “lightweight, aluminum fenders for a Subaru powered rear engine race car to be considered street legal.”  Challenge accepted. Since there were budget and timing considerations I decided to simplify the design from past fenders which I had created for open-wheeled roadsters.

See the Floating Fender Deuce

I’m always taking note of parts or product to simplify or streamline a project. These fenders were build from a set of .090″ aluminum fender blanks originally designed for semi-trucks. The fenders were sectioned lengthwise and narrowed by 12″ for the front and 11″ for the rear. They were then each cut laterally to create two fenders from each of the monstrous blanks. The parts were then shrunk to the proper radius and fit to sit a little over 1″ above the tire.

The brackets were made from 1/4″ cold rolled steel and bolt directly to the front hub and the rear axle. For additional rigidity, .090″ Aluminum braces were bonded to the inside of the fender, creating a ultra-light and tough fender which should pass DOT regulations in most states.

Check out the build process:

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