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Awesome Builds: George Poteet’s Barracuda “Blowfish” Built by Troy Trepanier


Rad Rides by Troy, the Manteno, IL based builder whose simple clean designs and immaculate build execution have earned his team countless, well deserved, awards.

Rad Rides builds like “Chicayne”, “Sniper” and “Quadraduce” served as inspiration for much of the industry, including myself. Troy managed to pack cutting edge technology, cool gadgets and power into a package so clean you hardly knew there was anything there.

All of those award winning designs were “show cars” though. There were no trailer queens among the bunch they were all real cars. With the help of an ambitious customer, something completely different came from the Rad Rides shop. Troy teamed up with George Poteet to build a car destined for much more than the car show circuit, land speed records on the salt-flats.

The team set out to build a 1969 Plymouth Barracuda, which would look like an elegant show car, but go like hell. Normally, the build quality on any racing machine is sub-par to say the least. Normally little consideration is given to fit and finish on a race car – it’s build for one purpose – to go fast.  Blowfish is vastly different.

On Blowfish the body modifications and chassis design are both flawless aesthetically, but they also had to perform at more than 200 mph. This is the realm where form and function are are inexorably linked, and every external component must be considered at speed. This is also a realm where many race car builders leave the “hidden stuff” rough, ugly and unfinished. Troy’s team builds this racer like a show car. The under carriage, door panels, under hood and hidden body structures are built for show and go. Truly an awesome build.

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