Cincinnati Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture – Granite and Oak Pub Height Table

I recently received a request to create a unique piece of furniture designed to some exact specifications and requirements. The request: A 43″ long, 24″ wide table,  tall enough to accommodate bar stools. Easy enough right? Then I was informed the top needed to fit a 200 lb. slab of granite the customer supplied and […]

Ephigy Guitars #2 – Dayton Ohio Luthier – Koa and Walnut Power Strat

A buddy of mine asked for a “Les Paul in Strat Clothing.” He plays the blues and loves the feel of a Strat but loves the buttery, warm sound of a bluesy Gibson. This was to be the second guitar under the Ephigy guitars moniker, designed to his playing style and featuring many unique features, […]

Cincinnati Ohio Luthier – Koa and Maple 1959 Les Paul Standard Replica

A personal I built for myself, this guitar is based on a set of recreated 1959 Gibson Les Paul blueprints with several physical modifications to my own personal playing style. Note: I do not and will not sell Gibson replicas, I can restore original pieces or create scratch build instruments with my own headstock design. […]