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Custom Aluminum Rolled Pan to Replace Stock Bumper on 1953 Pontiac Chieftain

How to Fabricate a Kustom Rolled Pan aka “Roll Pan” for a 50’s Passenger Car

Kustom Roll Pan for 1953 Pontiac Chieftain

Bumpers are one of those things that everyone sees first when they look at a car. From the factory they stick out a mile and take hours of fabrication and modification to make them fit in a manner that reflects the rest of the vehicle. On top of that, they’re heavy and the cost to metal-finish and chrome plate is outrageous.

Just take a look at the factory original bumpers for a 1953 Pontiac Chieftain. They stick out 2-4″ from the body at the sides and the rear

Before Photos of a ’53 Pontiac bumper:

On pick up trucks and cars from the 20s and 30s solving the bumper problem is easy to solve with a variety of rolled pans or “roll-pan” right off the shelf. These roll pans are sheet-metal fillers to replace the bumper. Often times they are painted to match the vehicle and give the rear the seamless, smooth look.

The idea of a roll pan works perfectly for vehicles of the 50s also the problem is nobody makes them and as far as I can tell it’s never been done before, especially a 1953 Pontiac Chieftain. My plan is to create an aluminum roll pan to give the look and feel of the bumper but with a smooth and seamless transition to the body.

Fabrication Process of the Kustom Rolled Pan:

Although only 90% complete in the photos, the aluminum roll pan came out well. It consisted of seven separate pieces of aluminum, hand fabricated on the English wheel and planishing hammer. The components were then welded into one unit and fasten directly to the body. They are mounted like a fender not like a bumper (to the frame) so nobody better “bump” them in traffic.

All-in, the time spent fabricating the roll pan was almost identical to what a chrome shop would charge to plate a stock unit, so it all comes to preference. The aluminum roll pan gives the rear of the vehicle a more streamlined look, and the brushed bare aluminum finish will add to that.

Need a Custom Roll Pan for Your Ride??

If you have questions, ideas or would like a quote for a custom rolled pan? Please feel free to email me any time with the contact form on the sidebar. I will gladly quote full builds or complex one-off parts to assist you in your build. I’m here to help, so lets go!
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