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Influences: Cadzzilla

CADZZILLA – It was built for Billy F. Gibbons by Boyd Coddington in 1990, you will rarely see me get excited about too many of Boyd’s cars, but this one is a different animal altogether. A 1949 Cadillac, designed by Larry Ericson, this car was way ahead of it’s time when it was conceived in the late 80’s, and it has inspired my work since the first time it made my jaw fall to the floor. The first take away form Cadzzilla – don’t try to replicate, reimagine, reinvent or rethink it. Also, don’t try to make your own version of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” or paint your own big can of Campbell’s soup like Andy Warhol; they are “out-there” concepts that only work once, and everyone will know who’s ideas you pilfered.

For all intents and purposes the chop is pretty ridiculous, which I’m sure is why Mr.Gibbons keeps this the car in the Peterson Museum. You just cant dive this thing, its art and nothing more. The roof-line is what really jumps out at you, but to me that tail lights are what really does it, they have to be 3 feet long and make the car almost a foot longer. This car is never done justice in a photo, its roof comes to about your belt-buckle and its as long as a city block. Get yourself to the Peterson in LA and see it while you can.

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