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Resume : Floating Fender Deuce

Sibley’s 1932 Ford:

1932 Ford open wheel roadster with floating fenders, photo thanks Hot Rods & Custom Stuff

1932 Ford open wheel roadster with floating fenders, photo thanks Hot Rods & Custom Stuff

This car was built while I was a lead fabricator working at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff in Escondido Ca. The Vehicle is a 1932 Ford based on a Dearborn Deuce Body with a built Chevrolet LS2 and 4l60e trans. Along with the HRCS team, I worked on this vehicle for more than a year. This vehicle has some of the most significant modifications which I have done to an “open-wheel” roadster. With a few small changes this could easily be my dream car, (body color and transmission). The goal for this vehicle was primarily create an elegant open wheel ’32 ford while retaining “stree legal” status in all 48 continental United States, which meant free-floating fenders. The Fenders were fabricated by myself using the english wheel and a custom made buck built to my specs (which I also made). my co-worker and good friend Andy Carter, now of Pangaea Speed built a majority of the aluminum bracketry. Some real challenges were getting all body lines, tire lines perfectly straight, as well as everything evenly mounted in ralation to the tires, grill etc.

The chrome, sectioned grill shell is the second major component of note. It was a Brookville shell which I sectioned 3″ from, then extended the body line 6″ and created filler pieces. All of this work is a piece of cake unless you are looking to chrome the grill like a Duesenberg, then it has to be PERFECT. See for yourself.

Major Modifications Performed on this vehicle:

Custom Frame: Built from rough unmounted stampings. kicked up 3″ and pinched 3″ with IRS suspension, inset boxed with double K-member
Engine / Trans: LS2 built by Turnkey Performance with 4L60e
Hood Sides: built from scratch on the English wheel and grafted in 1932 chevy vents
Hood: Setup custom 3 piece hood with side-side opening
Front Fenders: Custom Aluminum free floating fenders mounted to calipers
Rear Fenders:Custom Aluminum free floating fenders mounted to axle

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