Custom Power Steering Reservoir, Coolant Overflow and Brake Fluid Reservoirs

Whether you’re upgrading the original engine in your Model-A Ford, dropping a big block Chevy in your Deuce Coupe or swapping in a radical modern engine into your 60’s muscle car, if you’re working in the engine compartment, the devil is always in the details. Sure the engine placement and transmission angle are key considerations, […]

Hot Rod Rust Repair on a 1953 Pontiac Chieftain

Removing the rotted edge on a ’53 Pontiac hood and repairing with a hand made piece Sheet-metal modifications are the glamorous side of building a custom car. While they usually get the most “ooohs” and “ahhhs” they still account for only a fraction of the metal work involved on a Custom build like this ’53 […]

Dayton Hot Rod Fabricator – Custom Aluminum Fender Fabrication

I was recently asked to build a set of free-floating fenders for an extremely unique vehicle. The request was for “lightweight, aluminum fenders for a Subaru powered rear engine race car to be considered street legal.”  Challenge accepted. Since there were budget and timing considerations I decided to simplify the design from past fenders which […]