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Favorite Builds: Kirk Hammett’s ’36 Ford Built by Cole Foster of Salinas Boys

  A 1936 Ford is one of those classic rides which can be very successfully built in a variety of styles. Normally these are “hot rodded,” meaning they lose the fenders and skirts and the hood, before it gets a big engine, a manual transmission and stout rear end to propel it down the strip […]

Cincinnati Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture – Granite and Oak Pub Height Table

I recently received a request to create a unique piece of furniture designed to some exact specifications and requirements. The request: A 43″ long, 24″ wide table,  tall enough to accommodate bar stools. Easy enough right? Then I was informed the top needed to fit a 200 lb. slab of granite the customer supplied and […]

Ephigy Guitars #2 – Dayton Ohio Luthier – Koa and Walnut Power Strat

A buddy of mine asked for a “Les Paul in Strat Clothing.” He plays the blues and loves the feel of a Strat but loves the buttery, warm sound of a bluesy Gibson. This was to be the second guitar under the Ephigy guitars moniker, designed to his playing style and featuring many unique features, […]

Dayton Hot Rod Fabricator – Custom Aluminum Fender Fabrication

I was recently asked to build a set of free-floating fenders for an extremely unique vehicle. The request was for “lightweight, aluminum fenders for a Subaru powered rear engine race car to be considered street legal.”  Challenge accepted. Since there were budget and timing considerations I decided to simplify the design from past fenders which […]

Cincinnati Ohio Luthier – Koa and Maple 1959 Les Paul Standard Replica

A personal I built for myself, this guitar is based on a set of recreated 1959 Gibson Les Paul blueprints with several physical modifications to my own personal playing style. Note: I do not and will not sell Gibson replicas, I can restore original pieces or create scratch build instruments with my own headstock design. […]

Window Channeled

Creating a Custom Window Channel for a Chop Top 50’s Pontiac Now that the “A”, “B” and “C” pillars have been fully fabricated and welded, the next step is to create the custom window channel for my 1949 Pontiac glass to fit a 1953 opening. Some would say the next logical step is to create […]

Influences: “Loaded” 1929 Roadster Pickup by Pinkees

1929 Ford Roadster Pickup – “Loaded” by Pinkees To me, this car epitomizes the look and feel of how a modern “Hot Rod” Should be, built in the modern times with modern tools and materials just like a shiny street rod. In many ways there is too much detail to even appreciate all of the […]

Go With The Flow

Finally, I am prepared to attach and blend the final rear section of the roof known as the “C” Pillar or “Sail Panel” as it is sometimes called. The position of the roof has been dictated by the chop on the A and B Pillars. As I had mentioned previously, the rear glass has been […]


For the B -Pillars we are continuing the process of strengthening and blending the area where we have removed material. The B-Pillar is tough because it is very easy to visually gauge if it is “off” or “crooked”. The process is simple enough, if care is taken and the steps are not rushed. If you […]

Influences : “Mantraga” Merc by Sam Barris

Now, just because the title says “Barris” in it, does not give anyone the right to mention the “Monkey Mobile”, “The Munster Mobile” “Knight Rider” or the “General Lee”. All of those vehicles were built in the Hollywood heyday of George Barris, who built his reputation from the customizing his older brother Sam Barris pulled […]